Exponential Problem Solving

Remember that exponential functions are named that because of the “\(x\)” in their exponents! “\(b\)” is called the base of the exponential function, since it’s the number that is multiplied by itself “\(x\)” times (and it’s not an exponential function when \(b=1\)).\(b\) is also called the “growth” or “decay” factor.Exponential functions often involve the rate of increase or decrease of something.

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Also note that Factoring with Exponents and Solving Exponential Equations after Factoring can be found in the Advanced Factoring section here.

And when we study Geometric Sequences, we’ll see that they are a discrete form of an exponential function.

The formula for compound interest with a finite number of calculations is an exponential equation.

We can solve for a parameter of this equation, and can use logarithms to access parameters in the exponent.

Our goal will be to rewrite both sides of the equation so that the base is the same.

Unlike bases often involve negative or fractional bases like the example below.

Students may be asked to solve compound interest problems with interest compounded biannually, monthly, or daily.

If something increases at a constant rate, you may have exponential growth on your hands.

Examples, videos, worksheets, and activities to help Pre Calculus students learn how to apply exponential functions.

Compound Interest (Finite Number of Calculations) One real world application of exponential equations is in compound interest.


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