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Basic Skills: Problem Solving Years 5-6 is designed to give Year 5 and Year 6 children the opportunity to practise problem-solving skills that have been taught at school.It shows students, step by step, how to apply basic skills of Mathematics and logic to solve problems.However, the overhead of regular saving and tracking every user’s changes is quite large: workbooks can easily balloon in size and put a strain on your network, slowing down other systems.

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Links between workbooks are also useful for keeping logically separate data in separate files, rather than just separate sheets in one workbook.

Annoyingly, these links are another source of frustration and instability.

The upshot of all this confusion and uncertainty is that the links between workbooks can break easily, and recovering from broken links can be a time-consuming process, during which no-one can actually use the files affected.

Linked data is only updated when the files are opened, unless you specifically click Data | Connections | Edit Links | Update Values.

You can’t create a table or delete a block of cells if the workbook is shared, for example.

There are workarounds for some restrictions – for others it’s a matter of changing the structure of the workbook, rather than using a workbook that’s already been set up – but they can get in the way.The rules are governed by a variety of options, some of which aren’t at all obvious, and by whether the workbooks were saved, and where they were saved before the links were inserted.The links can also change when you save the workbook or open and use Save As to make a copy, rather than copying the file using the File Explorer.Here, we examine the issues you can often come up against with spreadsheets, how you could possibly tackle them in Excel, and when you’d be better off taking the plunge and switching to a database instead.When Excel systems grow organically, you quickly run into the problem that only one user can open a workbook at any one time.The second person to try to open the file is told it’s already open and that they can cancel, wait or view a read-only version.Excel’s promise to let you know when the other person closes the workbook is rather hollow, since it doesn’t check the status very often, and indeed it might never enlighten you.We will also see if we can add a new feature to do what you want or even add a new product.Links to Other Excel related sites The following page, Links to other Excel and Office sites, may also be of help to you in finding a solution.I find myself actually learning more than just looking for short-term solutions on my own.I am now empowered and have the confidence to do more complex work resulting in a better product.""This is the company with a vision of promoting learning.


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