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With this topic formulation you indicate a thesis - in this case that there are colleges for recommendation and not for recommendation.Hence you want to help the reader to choose between different types of colleges.

You have to start from the abstract and to arrive at the particular.

Before writing a classification essay, you should understand a topic thoroughly; thus, you can clearly classify all available information into different categories and sub categories.

When compared with a general essay where all information is dumped into different paragraphs, the classification essay requires less time to read.

This statement is especially true if the classification essay is targeted at general audience.

Even ones Facebook friends list contains definite groups of people- from close friends to acquaintances, and others.

Therefore, you cannot avoid classifying and categorizing things, persons, events, processes, and others.Hence, tree is an abstract concept, a term which needs to be analyzed in more detail.Your task it to pick up such a concept (a category) and to show its subcategories; that is, different types of trees.Regarding their geographic location they can be divided into tropical, temperate climate trees, and others.You could discuss every possible thing and show its types.However strange, a thesis is an important part of your classification essay.You need not merely to observe and to describe but to give some practical advice as well.However, by following certain rules and practicing few techniques, you can master classification essay writing with no problem.A classification essay aims at showing different types of a given thing.Once all the categories and sub-categories are finalized, they should be arranged in a logical and organized order.It is critical to follow the same organizing principle for all the categories.


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