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My , and the website is also, so if you have any trouble finding it on Facebook, you can always go to and then you will find our Facebook icon at the bottom of the homepage.So this is kind of in order, but not necessarily, so some of these will apply to you and some of them won’t.🙂 Happy planning, Thank you for joining me, and people on Periscope are saying hi to people on the webinars, so hello, hello back and forth.

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There will be times when you want to quit, but creating and building a business is fun and satisfying.

Before we get into today’s video training, let me be clear.

When I started my event planning business back in 2004, I focused on corporate clients.

I knew I didn’t want to plan weddings and I did some fundraisers, but that wasn’t really my cup of tea either, even though I could do them and I did do them.

So I hope you have a pen and paper or you have a Word doc open or whatever you prefer to take notes.

Events Planning Business Plan

Get that all ready and we will get into number one, which is brainstorming.Taking action on that plan is crucial to getting started and being successful.And, it’s possible to do it in a way that works for you.I did them more on a nonprofit capacity, a volunteer capacity, and I really focused on the corporate. I’m assuming you guys know each other or have something in common, so I’m glad the community’s getting to know each other. So you can do a business plan you can also do parts of a business plan, for example, the marketing side. You really need to know your finances when you’re starting out, so you want to list everything that you’re going to need for your business, so that’s your computer, your Internet connection, if you have rent to pay, how much your utilities are going to cost you, what about your car, gas, mileage, all of these pieces, even down to the type of phone plan that you’re going to need in order to run your business. Weddings are their own bag, so in my opinion, it’s going to be difficult to plan weddings and then move into another kind of event.As I was saying, I was focusing on corporate clients, because that’s what I wanted to be. You may want to be in fundraisers or maybe in other sorts of event types, totally up to you, but it makes it a lot easier when you know exactly who you client is and they know who you are. So create a plan and then you’re going to work that plan. I personally, what I would do, especially if you’re going to be a wedding planner, that’s your goal, that’s your dream to be a wedding planner, is I would focus on solely on everything you can learn about wedding planning and become the expert in that.We are going to talk today about 10 steps to start an event planning business. Chastity from Dallas, hey Chastity, thanks for being here. Okay, great, so that’s where you’re getting started.So I am going to assume since you are here and you’ve seen the title of it and have now mentioned it, you are interested in starting your event planning business, and this is one of my favorite topics to talk about, so I’m really excited. I’m really excited to have this conversation with you and to also let you know about our new program that just opened today. New Yorker living the coastline life in North Carolina. So Gina’s now designing a business collaboration with an event planner. Joanne has been doing local fundraising for nonprofits, helping to develop their brand. So anyone on Periscope, we are doing a live webinar as well, so I’m going between the two.Tracy, “New to public but have been working over five years.” Oh great, so you’ve been working as an employee with somebody? And if you are on Periscope, please make sure that you join us and follow us there and you will get notifications for as soon as I pop up if you have the notifications set up.Right now, we are doing webinar/Periscope combos for the next few Tuesdays at Eastern time, so mark those times and dates in your calendar depending on when you want to pop in. We are going to start talking about 10 steps to start your event planning business plan, and now that I know – Oh, what is my Facebook page?You can even get experience through florists or caterers.You don’t have to just stick to event planners, but it’ll give you different experiences so you can really decide what kind of events you want to plan, which will go a long way when you start your event planning business, because it’s going to make it a lot easier to figure out what clients you want to focus on.


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