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Anthropologists also employ subjectivity in their attempt to understand other cultures.For instance, an anthropologist and his wife were studying the Ilongot of the Philippines, who sever heads as a ritual of grief and revenge over a deceased relative.

The father is the leader while the women take on roles as helpers and praise singers.

By employing parody, the author allows the reader to see it as an outsider may describe the activity.

It was not until the anthropologist’s wife died in an accident during fieldwork that he began to understand the complex emotions involved in the Ilongot’s headhunting.

[N]othing in my own experience equipped me even to imagine the anger possible in bereavement until after [his wife’s] death in 1981.

How has it contributed to your identity, your character, even your goals and aspirations? The format/graphic/symbol you use to create and reflect on this discourse community is yours to make. You are establishing your own identity in the discourse community and sharing this identity with your reader.

To clarify, you are being asked, as would be done within any ethnography, to observe someone (in this case yourself) inside a culture, to record what you see, and to hypothesize about meaning and understanding just as all the researchers and writers whom we have read in school and college have done. Now, add to your introduction by explaining how the graphic you chose represents you.Only then was I in a position to grasp the force of what the Ilongot had repeatedly told me about grief, rage, and headhunting. 9 The Assignment: Decide on some activity to study.Some suggestions include a sporting event, the grocery store, a restaurant, family interaction, the workplace, a church, a library, the mall, etc. You may have to get permission ahead of time to make your observations.You may find talking about your own eating habits is a good way to get other people talking.2) "It is culture which constitutes utility" (Marshall Sahlins, 1976) and not the other way round.In other words, we don't do things for practical reasons and then find a meaning for them.The material quoted on this page is taken from a report of a workshop run collaboratively by ICP and LARA in February 1999, Analysing cross-cultural encounter and developing intercultural competence which can be downloaded as an RTF file, approx.248 K Please note that these exercises were developed as part of a module and that they may refer to other sections of the module which are not included on this page.The only place you cannot observe is a coffeehouse (that's just way too easy in this area! You may want to focus on one activity, such as meal preparation for a family, pre-game activity for a football game, getting ready for work or school, or interaction at the office water cooler. You are not to interview people; one of the objectives of the assignment is to hone your powers of observation.You may pair up with another student in class if you so desire.[print version - pdf file] Due: July 25 In the field, anthropologists “step out” of their familiar perspective in order to investigate unfamiliar phenomena.This allows the anthropologist to make objective or detached observations.


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