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This can be reversed by ensuring there is an avenue for interactions between members of a society.

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Some personality types are regarded as said to be more vulnerable to adopting what is considered an ethnocentric prejudice.

Social scientists have attributed the development of such an attitude to lack of exposure to other cultures.

However everyone is The assumptions we make about others' experience can involve false negative judgments, reflected in the common definition of ethnocentrism.

Assumptions can also reflect false positive attitudes about others' ways.

This means that in order to understand another culture, studying the cultural practices, beliefs, rites and ceremonies, language, institutions and so on.

In studying the influence of ethnocentrism over culture, relativism is relative because they each affect the other either positively or negatively.

Ethnic refers to cultural heritage, and centrism refers to the central starting point.

So ethnocentrism basically refers to judging other groups from our own cultural point of view.

This can be countered by ensuring maximum interaction between members of different cultural groups.

This can achieve by the creation of a heterogonous society this can be achieved through encouraging interactions in institutions such as schools and work places.


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