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General Ethics Support queries, contact [email protected] Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences, Research Ethics Director: Professor Mark Blythe Faculty of Business and Law, Research Ethics Director: Dr Russell Warhurst Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Research Ethics Director: Dr Peter Glaves Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Research Ethics Director: Professor Nick Neave Northumbria University Research Ethics Contact: Laura Hutchinson, Research Policy Manager Ethical approval must be obtained for all research projects prior to the commencement of the research.

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This statement does not dictate choice or propose sanctions.

Rather, it is designed to promote discussion and provide general guidelines for ethically responsible decisions.

To society as a whole we owe the benefit of our knowledge and understanding of Biological, Cultural, Social, and Psychological Aspects of Aging.

We should communicate our understanding of human aging to the society at large.

Among other things, this means that while respecting the needs, responsibilities, and legitimate proprietary interests of our sponsors we should not impede the flow of information about research outcomes and professional practice techniques.

We shall accurately attribute the contributions of colleagues in our work.

This ethics statement applies but is not limited to our relations with research subjects, colleagues, students, employees and society at large as we carry out our aging related work. To those we study we owe disclosure of our research goals, methods, and sponsorship.

The participation of people in our research activities shall only be on a voluntary basis and only on research projects approved by an appropriate institutional review board.

This statement is a guide to professional behavior for the members of The Gerontological Society of America.

As members and/or fellows of this organization, we shall act in ways consistent with the responsibilities stated below irrespective of the specific circumstances of our employment and/or other professional activity.


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