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The Faculty has guidelines for the conduct of such research, and procedures (see Ethical Review Procedure Flowchart which require ethical review by the Faculty Ethics Subcommittee in all cases where proposed research will involve: (i) fieldwork or experiments involving human participants; or (ii) use of personal data.(iii) work with children or vulnerable individuals; (iv) work with NHS patients, staff or facilities; The appropriate Ethical Review Forms (available below) should be completed in compliance with the Faculty’s guidelines, and submitted as indicated.In the first instance these are reviewed by the course leader, who can require students to revise their forms, and who approves those that have no—or trivial—ethical implications.

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James decides against trying to identify the two students.

Instead, he mentions to the entire class that he is concerned that several students may be suffering from depression.

Much of the research conducted in the Faculty of Music (critical, analytic, literary, compositional or historical) is unlikely to raise any ethical issues.

However, experimental research, and fieldwork (whether conducted within anthropological or sociological frameworks) will probably constitute exceptions to this.

He plans to have the students design and conduct the research projects using other class members as research participants.

The projects will be used for educational purposes only, meaning that the projects will not be published or presented outside of class.In cases where experimental research or fieldwork constitutes a component of a taught course, the course leader will implement course-specific procedures for managing ethical issues that have been approved by the Ethics Subcommittee.For graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and staff whose proposed research falls into categories (i) to (iv) above, Ethical Review Forms must be completed (in the case of students, in consultation with the supervisor) and submitted to the Ethics Subcommittee for evaluation.All MWK-FELLOWS research activities have to respect fundamental ethics principles, including those reflected in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the relevant Ethics Rules of Horizon 2020.Ethical compliance is seen as pivotal to achieve true excellence in research.Those deemed by the course leader to require more comprehensive scrutiny should be forwarded to the Chair of the Ethics Subcommittee for approval; revision may be required before approval is granted.It is expected that very few—if any—applications for ethical review will be rejected; the value of the process lies in making explicit to the students what is required of a successful piece of research involving human participants or data, and in providing a process of review that can draw on broad expertise in providing feedback to the students in order that they can amend their research plans appropriately.James allows his students to generate their own ideas for their research projects.Most groups decide to conduct research on topics in cognitive psychology that pose little or no harm to participants.In an attempt to encourage the two students to seek help, he also mentions that whoever reported more than four symptoms of depression should contact the university behavioral health center.Faculty of Music Research Ethics Subcommittee Terms of Reference: The objectives of the Subcommittee are: to maintain ethical standards of practice in research; to ensure that researchers are trained in, and aware of, ethical issues in research; to protect participants in research and researchers from harm; to preserve the participants’ rights; to take account of legitimate interests of other individuals, bodies and communities associated with the research; and to provide reassurance to the public and to outside bodies that these are being done.


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