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It’s the result of variety of sources like industrial, agriculture, mechanical and transportation.

Sadly, transportation which releases a great amount of carbon dioxides, nitrogen oxides and other toxicity is proven the leading cause of air pollution.

Leaders around the world gathered in Paris to find a way to slow down the problem....

[tags: Air pollution, Smog, Global warming] - Air pollution has become a significant problem in the US as well as the world over years.

Air pollution analyst and environmental chemist are two careers that focus on improving our environment to make it safer to live in.

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Air pollution analyst sample and analyze data collected from polluted air.

That isn’t the case at all, with the rise in Co2 conditions on Earth have changed causing many problems.

Since the clean air act the air quality has improved but it isn’t enough.

[tags: Pollution, Global warming, Environmentalism] - First of all I love the ocean as much as I love the ocean animals and it hurts my hurts, my heart to see animals get hurt because of the pollution. A California and I had the opportunity to go to Santa Monica and the beaches there are not really dirty but the oceans in peru and over there by south africa are full of plastic.

Not necessary plastic you can see with your own eyes but plastic that has eroded for so long they are particles.


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