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It has more than 830 miles (1340 km.) of coastline.The island is ringed by a broad coastal plain, rising to an inland terrain of gently rolling hills.

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The Sinhalese were among the earliest people outside northern India to adopt the Buddhist religion, which they did around 300 B. The ruler of another Sri Lankan state, King Kasyapa (r.

Ethical travelers will also find Sri Lanka Tourism environmentally conscious and the destination as a whole committed to be carbon neutral.

Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India.

Meanwhile the center of Sinhalese royal power drifted steadily toward the southern and western parts of the island, and the separate Sinhalese kingdom of Kandy rose to power in the central hills.

The division of Sri Lanka into a Tamil north and east, and a Sinhalese south, center and west, is thus not a new phenomenon of the 20th century, but a situation that has existed for hundreds of years.


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