Essays On The Advantages Of Television Viewing

The availability of television even in some of the remotest corners of the globe is an added advantage for education through television.

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There are various channels which offer educational programs for school and college going students.

There are also tutorial channels based on specific subjects for the students.

The rich, the poor all have it and it is one of their most entertaining possessions.

However, the television that we see today is completely different from its predecessor in a number of ways.

After going through the essays you would know – what is television; when and who invented it; how a television acts as a medium of education; is the television a boon or a bane; is television corrupting the minds of youth; what are the advantages and disadvantages of television, is television better than books, is television harmful to the society, etc.

Today a television is found in almost every house across the world.The concept involved scanning an image and then transmitting it onto a screen. World’s first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a 21 years old inventor – Philo Taylor Farnsworth.A major breakthrough came when the mechanical scanning system was combined with a cathode ray tube in 1907 by a Russian Boris Rosing and English A. He used radio wave technology to remotely transmit images to a device with screen.Below we have provided long and short essay on television in English language.These Television essay have been written using the simple vocabulary and easy to understand sentences.The television has gained immense popularity over time and today it is found in almost every household, the world over.Sure, it is good for entertainment purposes and is informative, but it also has its set of disadvantages, which we will discuss further in the essay.It is great for entertainment purpose and could be really informative too, but also has certain disadvantages like addiction, explicit and violent content, social and psychological effects on a person etc.Introduction Television could really be a great source of education if only informative and knowledge based channels are viewed or subscribed.To state a few examples History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and various other science based Channels do a great deal of imparting education.Conclusion The role of television in education building is being widely accepted across the world.


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