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Members sell the company’s products through social networking.And the members of the company itself constitute a large network, which members use for other businesses as well.

Thirdly, Enhancing networking and socialising skill strengthens relationship among students.

When faced with a personal problem, students are able to empathise with each other when sharing the experiences whether good or bad.

They also help people to stay in touch despite their geographical distances.

Social networking is important as far as an individual’s personal and professional development is concerned.

Users in turn benefit by being able to sample, hear, download and share songs with friends and other members.

Social network groups like Orkut help people get in touch with people they have lost touch with.With the advent of Internet and the cell phone a lot of social interaction is captured through email and instant messaging.Today there are a lot of online social networking sites where individuals volunteer information about themselves and their social networks.What used to be just a niche activity has today taken the proportions of a global phenomenon that engages tens of millions of Internet users.Online social networks are ideal for exchanging ideas, views, and garnering public opinion; although, these are restricted to the users of the social network.The Amway model has been so effective that it has been copied by several other businesses.Social networking sites have recorded phenomenal growth rates.Where earlier the process was long drawn, involving a chain movement where in one person led to another through a web of social contacts, today the process is highly specialized.Communication has been instrumental to a large extent to the growth of social networking.Popular social networking sites, like Orkut, My Space and Face book are changing the Internet scene.Another social networking programme is that used by a company called Amway.


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