Essays On Personal Addiction

Common human experience, social norms, values, knowledge and ways of working are acquired, and the personality is formed in communication with other people.

Addict shuts itself off from these processes stops to enrich his life experience, violating the most important functions of communication.

Addictive personality in their attempts looks for his purpose and too one-sided way of survival – avoiding problems.

Natural adaptive addict capabilities are infringed on the psycho-physiological level.

-Got sent to a school away from my house, and recreated a sense of pride. -(closing) saying that above all, I believe in myself and what I have done, and that is what it is that makes me who I am ...

Essays On Personal Addiction

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Searching the addict fulcrum does not go beyond the addictive implementation. Along with dysfunctional processes in communication, such important mechanisms of interpersonal perception as identification, empathy, reflection are broken. Involvement in some types of activity also contributed to artificial change in mood: gambling, computer, sex, overeating or fasting, work, play long rhythmical music. Distraction from the doubts and feelings in difficult situations from time to time is necessary to everyone, but in the case of addictive behavior, it becomes a lifestyle, during which a person is trapped in a permanent departure from reality. These dependencies become a problem, huge problem for the world’s population. Depending demolishes the family, friendship, love, dreams and ultimately lead to the destruction of all mankind. Doctors worldwide had lost their legs in searching of salvation from this deadly addiction. Millman (Eds.), Comprehensive Textbook of Substance Abuse -2nd edition. The attractiveness of addiction is that it represents the path of least resistance. Subjective impression is created that way, we can not help thinking about problems, forget about the worries, get away from difficult situations, using different variants of addictive realization. The Essence Of The Addictive Behavior Psychology Essay. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.The essence of the addictive behavior is that in order to escape from reality, people are trying to artificially change their mental state, which gives them the illusion of security, restoration of equilibrium.


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