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When the witches first tell Macbeth of his fate the first witch states, “All hail Macbeth! Had the witches told Macbeth his full prophecy, he would have realized the danger associated with him attaining the throne through ways of murder.

However the witches, blind with their power, were too corrupted to realize that.

This can be seen when Ross describes Scotland under the power of Macbeth, “where violent sorrow seems modern ecstasy: the dead man’s knell is there scarce ask’d for who…”(4. Macbeth’s gain of power also corrupts his relationship with his wife as Macbeth begins to isolate himself. This shows how Macbeth, filled with grief and power, has kept it all to himself.

This can be seen specifically when Lady Macbeth expresses her feelings of Macbeth no longer consulting in her as says, “How now my lord, why do you keep alone,” (3. This is a significant factor in how he becomes corrupt as the isolation leads to his arrogance as a leader.

Much like Lady Macbeth, the audience can see a change in character in Macbeth over the duration of the play. Between the two scenes, it has become apparent that a great amount of change has occurred in Macbeth.

However whereas Lady Macbeth starts to reject the use of murder as the story progresses, Macbeth can be seen as opposite as he begins to use it more often without sense. Macbeth’s view on murder suddenly changes with his decision to kill Banquo, “that I require a clearness/ Fleance, his son [Banquo’s], that keeps him company/ must embrace the fate of the dark hour” (3. In the first scene Macbeth is thinking over Duncan’s death to a point where it could be considered “overthinking” as he begins to concern himself with karma and such.

This is shown when Macbeth is faced with his decision to murder Duncan, “if the assassination could trammel up the consequence/ bloody instruction, which being thought, return to plague the inventor” (1. However in the second scene, after Macbeth has gained power, his orders for Banquo’s murder seemed to be emotionless with only one bottom line: kill Banquo and Fleance, do not connect it to Macbeth.

Macbeth’s power also corrupts him as it brings out his desires for only himself and not his country. Therefore it can be seen that Macbeth has corrupted not only himself but the entire country as violence and death is common in Scotland to the point where no one questions it.

The corruption of power through knowledge can become large when the sensitivity of this information is not realized.

This is shown in the witches’ use of their knowledge of Macbeth’s fate; their consideration for the possible consequences does not seem to be visible throughout the entire play. The scene shows the three witches lack of consideration of the outcome of their prophecy as they did not consult with their higher power, Hecate over whether they should tell Macbeth of his prophecy.


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