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On the other hand, a much longer proportion of respondents gave an effectual definition of environmental pollution indicating results such as damage to streams and whole watersheds, damage to forests, damage to wildlife, and the elimination of other potential uses of land such as for recreational purposes.The majority of the Indian respondents giving ‘combinational’ and ‘casual’ definitions of environmental problems were living in zones of high pollution or environmental damage in the Damodar Valley.Considering the relatively high degree of subsidence, fire, and air and water pollutions in the Damodar Coal towns such as Jharia, Katragarh, Dhanbad, Kulti and Barakar, this is not surprising.

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The relative importance of environmental problems in the respondent’s mind in India was also ascertained.

It was found that residents of the Damodar Valley including those living in the high pollution zone in the two regions, mentioned unemployment, housing conditions, and inflation as more important than environmental problems.

Generally speaking, understanding the frequency and magnitude of environmental problem was greater among the residents of the high-hazard zone adjacent to the principal coalmines than anywhere else in the Damodar Valley.

A positive relationship was noted in between the frequency and magnitude of exposure to environmental problems and the respondent’s perception of environmental degradation as a problem.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to the overall global climate change. Be more food conscious and eat less red meat; your body only needs the nutrients from 3 ounces of red meat each month.

Methane is another greenhouse gas that does the same thing. If we’re all reducing our red meat intake, then the number of cows we need to raise will go down, along with our methane contributions.

They have set the parameters for an incredible goal for us and it all starts with you. For it to work, EVERYONE has to get involved and do their part.

Rochester already has a great goal to help combat some environmental issues.

We could raise less cattle, but use more sanitary and humane practices.

This would both expand the job market and reduce the cattle population.


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