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It should help to combat stereotypes in society as a whole. I believe the Americans With Disabilities Act is the most important precedentset in the struggle against all discrimination for persons with disability.It should force a situation where prejudices can be defused and rendered obsolete exercise thereof . Inthis paper I will give a brief description of the statutes set by the Americans With Disabilities Act, pertaining to disabilities in the workplace. Secondly, there is age discrimination against both the young and elder people in finding or having a job.

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As his sixty-fifth birthday rolled around, Harold was greeted with a staff party and a mandatory retirement notice that was effective two weeks from that date.

Harold was stunned, inasmuch as he had no rewarded according to merit. (Bennett-Alexander, 341)The only legislation that specifically prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace is Title VII.

Women Age Discrimination in the Workplace Harold had been with the company going on forty-five years.

There was no doubt that his contributions over the past few decades helped the once intimate business flourish into an international corporation.

With a workforce made up of 43,000,000 people, it is impossible to ignore the impact of these people.

The Americans With Disabilities Act not only opened the door for millions of Americans to get back into the workplace, it is paving the road for new facilities in the workplace, new training programs and creating jobs designed for a disabled society (CAMERON, F "NSW ADT: 1997).People with disabilities face widespread discrimination in the Workplace.People with disabilities are not a homogeneous group.There is a strong business case for employing people with disabilities since they are often qualified for a particular job.Employers may also gain by expanding the number of eligible workers through continuing the employment of those who become disabled, since valuable expertise acquired on the job and through work-related training is retained.Their disability may have little impact on their ability to work and take part in society, or it may have a major impact, requiring considerable support and assistance (BAYEFSY, A 1990).It is increasingly apparent that disabled people not only have a valuable contribution to make to the national economy but that their employment also reduces the cost of disability benefits and may reduce poverty.Men would even decide to whom a women would get married to among a whole host of other things.Gender Discrimination in the workplace is one of the more recent problems that United State citizens have had to face.The definition also includes a disability that presently exists, existed in the past but has now ceased to exist, or may exist in the future, as well as a disability that is imputed or presumed to a person. Among the tattooed include college students, kindergarten teachers, graphic designers, baristas, even doctors.Thus we come to the major issue of discrimination of tattooed people in the workplace.


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