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AIB Homework Problem Solutions Problem 1 The following data were obtained from a project to create a new portable electronic.Activity A B C D E F G H I Duration 5 Days 6 Days 8 Days 4 Days 3 Days 5 Days 5 Days 9 Days 12 Days Predecessors ------A, B C D E, F D G Step 1: Construct a network diagram for the project.

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My request was denied and hence I was left with no choice but to withdraw from the enquiry.

Till date, I maintain that I am happy to cooperate with any committee that is fairly constituted and follows principles of natural justice.” Something that immediately stands out in this response is Khamba’s insistence on both “due process” and the “principles of natural justice”, a phrase he doubles down on with his last line.

AIB’s statement, while being at least a couple of months too late, does manage to decentre the suffering in this context (because let’s face it, it’s difficult to sell the idea that young men of vast resources and not a little fame could or would ‘suffer’ any meaningful consequences).

It clarifies that because of cashflow issues, AIB had to let its entire team go and that the AIB You Tube channel was “for all intents and purposes, dead for the foreseeable future”.

Around the same time, as part of a string of #Me Too allegations against men in entertainment, journalism and advertising, a woman tweeted that Khamba had tried to force himself on her on two separate occasions, and that the comedian had been emotionally abusive after his romantic overtures were rejected months later.

Khamba confirmed that while they had “hooked up consensually” on multiple occasions, “I was not forceful”, categorically denying any violation of consent.Despite my repeated requests to follow due process, these lapses continued.At this stage, I requested the committee to recuse itself.AIB had a chance here, a chance to show that an ICC (internal complaints committee) at the workplace can and does bring results.But ultimately, the investigation ended before it could reach any sort of conclusion or resolution, and thanks to both AIB and Khamba being vague on the details, we may never know whose fault that is.(1 points) Answer: 3 days d) What is the slack time (float) for activity D?(1 points) Answer: 0 days e) What is the slack time (float) for activity E?This is, as we mentioned previously, not the best look for an apology-seeker.Although technically, Khamba’s isn’t an apology post; he had admitted to bad behavior back in October, but maintained that he had never violated consent.He did admit that he his romantic proposal was rejected, following which he “did not behave appropriately at all” and that “she rightly stopped talking to me”. If so, the efficacy of any apology depends upon a kind of stock-taking — who has suffered, and how, and how much.Dead Ant reached out to Khamba, as well as AIB’s Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya, asking them to specify the “issues with procedure” that caused Khamba to walk away from the investigation process. That last bit about ‘how much’ is virtually impossible to agree upon, which is why apologies remain a tricky business.


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