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Henceforth, we will examine three aspects of the novel which are, the notions about and standpoint towards children of that era, how are literary techniques employed to present the children of the Victorian period and how does this literature provide a look on the characteristics of world and the quintessence established.Published in 1865, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland was set in the late eighteen hundred, Victorian period in Britain.

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This description changes the stereotype of women in literature and society. There are instances where she embodies everything that is wrong with the perception of women in the society.

She depicts sexuality in women as destructive and frightening.

From physical to emotional, abuse was common enough in the Victorian era and parents expected unshakable obedience and respect from their children all the time, either by the nature itself or with the (“Children's literature - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from (Children's Literature - Alice' S Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay)

“Children's Literature - Alice' S Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Essay”, n.d.

to be following a white rabbit to a hole, which is a doorway to the wonderland where Alice meets with different creatures and experiences a completely new realm in her life.

From getting big to small, making friends to nemesis and from saving to being subjected to execution, Alice finds that all that had happened was just a dream and not reality.Alice is presented in the argument at the camp as the representation of a woman who has opted to break away with traditions.However, the adjectives used to describe her would appear natural when used on men.They are the Queen of Hearts, the Duchess and the cook.These are the worst woman characters any author can think about.Alice in Wonderland is an incredible literary text for use in examining feminism.It presents numerous occasions and characters who can be used to explain and understand this theme of feminism.They are portrayed as senseless, irrational and violent.Unfortunately, even the author seems to suggest that the violence is emanating from kitchen life and demands. Alice in Wonderland is a perfect depiction of degradation of women in the Elizabethan era.Critics consider her as the reality that women should be living.She does not have to be submissive yet she can assert her position on issues.


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