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You might be worried about doing enough revision, getting the grades you need or feel pressure from your school or family. You might feel like nobody else is feeling this way.But bottling up stress and trying to deal with it on your own can often make the stress worse. Talking about what’s happening can help you to find ways to make revising easier.

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Test scores, in turn, are used to evaluate the job performances of teachers, school principals, education administrators, and local government officials.

The pressure to outperform competitors exists at each level of the education system and is passed on to the lower levels and ultimately to individual students.

The impact of academic stress is not limited to individual psychological health, but extends to social relationships with peers and to attitudes toward authorities and society at large.

Xu Zhao’s study in Shanghai showed that as a result of the pressure of academic competition, feelings of jealousy, distrust, and animosity were common in peer relationships.

In the years that followed, “industrialization of education” (jiao yu chan ye hua) took place, forcing schools to offer after-school classes and charge parents high fees.

This financial quasi-decentralization of education led to systematic inequality and stratification.

They found that 76.2% reported being in a bad mood due to academic pressure and high parental expectations, and 9.1% reported feelings of despair.

Many large-scale studies conducted by a group of researchers at the Peking University have reported higher risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts among older Chinese adolescents due to increased academic pressure.

While the central government maintained control over the purposes of education, system reforms, textbooks, and teaching guidelines, policies were implemented to shift the responsibility of funding and managing schools to lower levels of government and to open schools to market forces.

Introducing “competition mechanisms” into secondary education and promoting teachers’ and students’ “competition consciousness” became the norm.


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