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It was found out that girls who play sports do better at school and learn the importance of goal setting, planning, strategizing all of which can be important sections of workplace success, which has avoided less likely to have sex or get pregnant at an early age.

The benefits of playing sports are several, and it leads to balanced mental growth.

It also helps to learn to consider the interests of teammates and to practice mutual respect and gain their cooperation.

Work together, share time, emotional space and other resources help to understand each other.

This can help children to choose the games which they like.

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But supervised sports could have too much discomfort for kids of younger ages.

Above all, it builds sportsmanship, which is very essential where it helps to deal with both winning and losing with grace.

All of these experiences and habits are also useful in their future life including career.

Schools must provide both supervised and unsupervised sports in time table and environment.

Because, supervised session can be focused approach with the guidance from coaches in different sports.


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