Essays About Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

Essays About Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser-30
This observation can be traced to comments made by some observers that the jungle did not achieve its main objective which was to sensitize the American public about the plight of the American public because the public was more focused on the corruption that went on in the American meat industry.This observation is affirmed by Mcconnell who states that: “The impact of those stomach churning descriptions on readers sadly caused his true intention to be lost, as American’s demanded something be done about what they were eating.Eric Schlosser’s authority in writing is well framed than Upton Sinclair’s and this is why is also written from an informed point of view with correct utilization of facts and personal experiences to back up the same facts.

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Both authors also have a different sense of accomplishment in delivering their points to their target audience and frankly, Eric Schlosser does a better job at communicating with his audience when compared to Upton Sinclair (Graydyl 2).

Eric Schlosser seems to have a better understanding of his facts and he seems to better understand how the capitalistic and socialist systems work.

For instance from his deep understanding of capitalism, Eric Schlosser identifies that, it is difficult to change the status quo prevailing in the fast food industry but more specifically, he acknowledges that it is difficult to change the fast food culture itself (Graydyl 2).

On the other hand, seems to explore only what is wrong with capitalism and suggest socialism as the better alternative.

Objectives The intentions of Eric Schlosser in writing was to make the public know the problems that plague the American fast food industry and more so, to expose the dishonest practices of managers operating in the sector (Mcconnell 1).

However, Upton Sinclair’s intention of writing , only a few pages are dedicated to exposing the ills of the meat industry (Sinclair 2).

More accounts of the suffering immigrant children had to go through (like prostituting to put food on the table) are given in the book (Sinclair 22).

The author further focuses on the plight of Jurgis Rudkus and how he lost his family and more especially, his wife, to a rogue public official who never granted her maternity leave which caused her death because she suffered complications from her pregnancy.

These events show the author’s focus on the plight of immigrants as opposed to the intrigues of the American meat industry., we see that, both books are very different from each other.

Despite the fact that, the authors of both books were great scholars and revolutionists of their time, it is incorrect to compare the two books because they are completely different from each other.


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