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At Walden, most communication with peers and professors occurs in writing.

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Later on, you learn more about citations and references in APA style, as well as essay-level skills. Use these instructions as an outline as you are writing.

Second, the rubric tells you how your work will be assessed.

In most assignments, you need to discuss a topic and have a reason for discussing that topic.

Rather than just summarizing, you need to analyze and convince your reader of something.

This might seem like a simple statement, but some students do not ever access this written feedback, and so they miss out on a valuable opportunity.

Creative Writing 101 Suite 101 - Essay Writing Skills Degree Level

When you receive your grades in Blackboard, click on the individual assignment title to bring up the professor’s general comments.If a certain part of the assignment is worth more points on the rubric, you know you should devote a lot of attention to it.For more tips on writing and revising using your assignment materials, listen to this podcast episode or view our Revising webinar.In essence, the introduction prepares the reader for all of the main points you will be making in the body.The body is where you develop your argument, paragraph by paragraph.For example, if your topic is electric cars, your purpose might be to convince the reader that electric cars are an efficient alternative to gas cars.This means that every paragraph will be part of your overall goal to argue this point.To present this information ethically and with integrity, you need to give credit to the original source.At Walden, students give credit through APA citations in the text.All of your discussion posts and papers should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.An introduction provides background on the topic and includes your thesis statement.


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