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If you feel that you will need technical support along the way, ensure that the software you choose offers the tech support you are looking for.While some companies conduct tech support through customer calls, others offer helpful videos and tutorials that make solving your tech issues easier.

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It allows you to write articles, speeches, books, memos, emails and more with your voice.

Whereas virtual assistant apps respond to voice commands and complete predefined tasks, speech to text technology is made specifically for the purpose of writing a spoken word or phrase.

When I was employed as a journalist, I spent a lot of time interviewing people.

One of the most painful things I had to do was transcribe long interviews using a keyboard. I tried using dictation software to transcribe these interviews, but I found the software difficult to use and prone to mistakes.

Consider how much money you want to invest in the software.

Essay Voice Recognition

If you are just getting into speech recognition software, it may be best to start with free or cheap software to see if it suits you.Using dictation software is not only great for avoiding the physical pains of typing, but it is a fast way to create documents, memos, emails, and speeches.Speech to text or voice dictation software is a speech transcription technology with an ability to convert spoken word to text.My fingers ached after spending an hour pressing play and pause and play and pause… More recently, I’ve been using the dictation software Dragon Professional Individual convert speech to text and transcribe first drafts of articles, blog posts, book chapters and more.Dragon Professional (or Dragon Naturally Speaking) is easier to use, more accurate, and now part of my writing workflow.With dictation, it’s and write at the same time meaning you’re more likely to hit your daily target word count and get those messy first draft out of your head and onto the blank page.You can’t stop dictating, to check your email, browse Facebook or to do something else that has nothing to do with writing.For those who are ready to invest in spoken word technology, spend time finding what you are looking for at the best price. In many ways it will improve your writing process and make your life easier. Let’s see both pros and cons: The tone spoken while dictating may be completely different than how you typically write, meaning it can take time to learn how to blend the two.If you’re wondering ‘What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?Remember the difference between personal assistant apps and voice to text apps that I mentioned earlier?Lucky for you it is becoming more and more common that the two types of apps are converging into one.


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