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(3) We agree with Smith that the concept of innate constraints is inherently problematic.

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For more detailed discussion follow the links below.(1) We expect the results from our experiment to match the theoretical assumptions rather closely.

(2) On an average an elephant weighs about five tons.

(1b) According to the bank, interest rates will contunue to rise next year, too.

(2a) Jag är tillbaka på kontoret efter lunch imorgon.

In this section the focus is on the expression of past, present and future time.

The first two are dealt with rather summarily here.

What is generally considered to be the normal way of referring to the future in English is through a combination of the auxiliary Please note, by the way, that while (1) and (2) must be regarded as each other's exact counterparts, there may be subtle differences between (3) and (4) that we will not discuss here.

Instead, the important contrastive difference between English and Swedish that we have to be aware of is that Swedish speakers and writers frequently and rather freely use the present tense verb form to refer to the future.

The past tense firmly anchors a past state, event, etc.

at some definite time in the past, or in some definite period in the past.


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