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Introduction Comparison and contrast between 'Night' by Elie Wiesel and 'Life is beautiful' by Robert Benigini.

'Night' is a book by Elie Wiesel in which he describes his experience of being sent to the German concentrations camps during the Holocaust.

She soon realizes that she returns his love for her, and they get married.

They soon have a son, who they very much adore - Joshua.

' Comparison and contrast between Elie Wiesel of 'Night' and Joshua of 'Life is beautiful'.

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Elie plays the role of main character and the narrator of the story in Night and Joshua is not the main character of the story but he is the narrator of the story as well.

Schlomo died sometime before the liberation as he was ill, so SS officers took him one night and he was probably killed but Guido died when he was trying to save his wife and son.

We know that the stories of Schlomo and Guido was happened or set during the Holocaust, so Schlomo's story fits more to the history as compare to the Guido's story.

Guido and Joshua, with many other Jews, have been brought off to a Jewish concentration camp, but Dora requests to be brought along as not to be separated from her family.

Guido wants to keep his son from being scarred by all of this, so he tells his son that it is all part of a game, and if he does what his father says, he will win a prize.


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