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What factors determined where people would settle as they moved westward? Why would sectionalism, as well as Southern support for states' rights over a strong federal government threaten the Union? How did the Missouri Compromise maintain the balance of power in the U.

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During his inaugural speech Jefferson expressed his views on the rule of the majority. learned that France had regained ownership of Louisiana, Jefferson said of New Orleans, "There is on the globe one single spot, the possessor of which is our natural and habitual enemy. In 1803, after the Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson got Congress to pay for an expedition to explore the new lands that now belonged to the U. Jefferson chose Meriwether Lewis to lead the expedition.

Navy destroy its own ship, the USS Philadelphia, after it was captured by Tripoli? What excuse did the British use for impressing thousands of American merchant sailors into military service in the early 1800's?

Describe three effects of the Industrial Revolution. What did mass production of goods and the Transportation Revolution cause to happen to the prices of many goods in the U. Two other men, Jack and Israel, were valued at $1450 and $1500 respectively in 1860 dollars. Use the chart below to answer the question that follows. What was Abraham Lincoln's position on the issue of slavery? Much of Abraham Lincoln's Inaugural Address in 1860 was directed to the South.

What was the most important part (or unit) of slave communities? Neil Buie, who was born in 1801, was a member of a large slave owning family. According to the 1860 Copiah County Slave Schedule, which was an inventory of all the slaves in that county, Mr. One slave, named Littleton, was valued in the schedule at $1800, which would be about $40,000 in 2005 dollars. Buie owned several more slaves valued at $850 each, which would be about $19,000 per slave in 2005 dollars.

You will see that most of the questions here are short answer. Start with Senator Mc Stinky's proposal in the Senate. Do you believe Washington was correct in his advice? List three specific topics on which Hamilton and Jefferson did not agree.

Virtually all of my tests contain short answer/essay questions so it is important to master the skills necessary for writing an excellent answer.

What affect did this law have on Jefferson's popularity and why? Which battle (and also happened to be the greatest American victory in the War of 1812) took place two weeks after the war was officially over?

What treaty officially ended the War of 1812, and what problems did it solve? Describe the economic effects of the Industrial Revolution and advances in transportation in the U.

They are arranged by chapter from our current text book. Briefly explain how the modern nation-state emerged in Europe in the 1400s. How did the growth of trade between Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe encourage Europeans to seek out new trade routes? How did the Renaissance contribute to European exploration? How did the rise of nation-states cause European exploration to flourish? Discuss some of the events and technological developments that paved the way for European exploration. How did the Portuguese take the lead in the race for Asian trade routes? How did Spain and Portugal divide their new territories? Why did both Spain and Portugal want to find a sea route to Asia? What was the effect of smallpox on the Mexican people, and how did it help Cortés and the other Conquistadors. For without doubt there is a very great amount of gold in these lands...." -Christopher Columbus in his report to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain."The ordinary means therefore to increase our wealth and treasure is by Forraign [foreign] Trade, wherein wee [we] must ever observe this rule; to sell more to strangers yearly than wee consume of theirs in value." Based on the above quote, what is the central principle of mercantilism according to Mun? Explain the headright system set up by the London Company in 1618. In the early years of the Virginia Colony, around 75% of the colonists were indentured servants. Because of high death rates in the Virginia Colony, there was a shortage of labor. Many members of Congress disagree with her, and believe this is an important piece of legislation. Supreme Court declares the law unconstitutional because it violates the 2nd Amendment.

Give two reasons why someone would want to come to the colonies as an indentured servant. People just didn't live very long in the early days of the English colonies. What may Congress attempt to do to pass this bill anyway? Congress passes a law banning the private ownership of handguns in the U. What is Congress' only option if they wish to keep this law? Which clause, found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, allows the Congress to have certain implied powers? Which clause, found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, allows the Congress to regulate all sorts of things such as the airline industry and radio and television broadcasting? How many voting members does the House of Representatives have? Which of the presidential duties, or roles, gives the president ultimate authority over the armed forces? What are the three levels of the federal court system?


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