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During the sessions there were no guests, no reporters, and indeed no interruptions of any moment.

Three daily sessions, held morning, afternoon, and night for four days, absorbed practically all but bedtime for the conferees.

I UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIBRARIES COLLEGE LIBRARY Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation OOmorl ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUALITY JOHN DOS PASSOS RICHARD M. Finally, these notes were amalgamated into a general sum- mary report of the entire proceedings, prepared by Professor Arthur Kemp of Claremont Men's College, who was Director of the Symposium and in that capacity responsible for its excellent arrangements.

HAYEK JOSEPH WOOD KRUTCH CONWAY ZIRKLE FELIX MORLEY ROGER J. This symposium was sponsored by The Foundation for American Studies, which in a preliminary announcement noted that since the close of World War II "an increasing number of scholars have turned their attention to the prob- lem of man's freedom in the face of modern society's seem- ingly irresistible urge to socialize and regiment the thought and action of the individual." It was to give close analysis to the far-reaching implications of this trend that the Founda- tion gathered together, for free and untrammeled discussion, a group of men "whose writings have shown a particular aware- ness of the . Notes on the points debated were kept, then read, amended, and approved at the close of each session.

Most of them have been somewhat revised by the authors, in the light of the symposium discussions, and are now submitted to public consideration as a comprehensive survey of this vital and timely subject. The various papers had been prepared for advance distribution among the partici- pants, each of whom introduced his subject briefly to the group, whose members then engaged in lengthy and lively round-table discussion.

Mc GOVERN ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUALITY edited by Felix Morley Philadelphia UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRESS (c) 1958 by the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania Published in Great Britain, India, and Pakistan by the Oxford University Press London, Bombay, and Karachi Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 58-6941 Printed in the United States of America American Book-Stratford Press, Inc., New York INTRODUCTION THE TWELVE ESSAYS COMPOSING THIS VOLUME WERE ORIGINALLY prepared for a "Symposium on Individuality and Personality" held at the Princeton Inn, Princeton, New Jersey, September 12 to 18, 1956. They nevertheless clearly reveal not only the scope but also the high degree of interlocking support and intellectual integration in the proceedings.

You can make a very good case for the notion that there runs through it all a unifying thread which is the measure of its difference from other literatures.

This English literature is dedicated to the description of man not only as an individual but as an eccentric.

The man in jail will be different from his cellmates but his differences will tend to develop in frustration and hatred.

Freedom to develop in- dividuality is inseparable from the attainment of what all the traditions of the race have taught us to consider to be the true human stature. Even to mention individualism or individuality in circles dedicated to the fashionable ideas of the moment is to expose oneself to ridicule. " exclaimed a lady to whom I tried to explain over the phone what I was doing in Princeton.


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