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” or “Do rules and limitations contribute to a person’s happiness?

” or “Do rules and limitations contribute to a person’s happiness?

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If you do your best following the tips above, you will definitely get a high score.

The new SAT debuts this Saturday (March 5) and there is good news and bad news. (Bonus good news: unlike the old SAT essay, it’s also optional!

Keep in mind that you will have less than an hour for reading the given text and responding to it.

The most common mistake all students make is expressing their personal point of view on the topic.

“Reading and understanding texts, then articulating what the author is trying to express is very much in line with what is expected of students at the college level,” she says.

Check the most exciting prompts for your SAT essay below.That organization is key.” If you haven’t been taught specific rhetorical devices — AP students tend to be at an advantage here — ask your English teacher for a list or “You have 50 minutes to write this essay, but you’re not expected to write for that entire period,” Fracchia points out.“You should set out to spend 15 to 20 minutes reading and planning your essay.” Burns agrees, “Outlining what you’re going to say in each paragraph is helpful, because then you know what you’re working toward.” So far as length, think back to the sample essays you read.“Often students are surprised to realize the essay they have to write isn’t that long,” says Fracchia.Ultimately, Fracchia likes the new SAT essay because it tests college preparedness.“Don’t take it for any other reason than to boost your application.”.Practicing with these prompts accustoms you to analyzing a source text.This formula will be useful to you for any SAT test essay.You will only need to make sure that the paragraphs in your text are interconnected, the vocabulary is advanced enough, the sentences are complicated in structure.That is assuming your schools don’t require it.)So let’s capitalize on these warm, fuzzy feelings and cozy on up with the new SAT essay, and talk about how you can conquer it.The New SAT Essay Prompts On the old SAT, you were given philosophical prompts such as “Is it better to aim for small accomplishments instead of great achievements?


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