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Some have speculated that this mandible-snapping dragon could be the inspiration, but given how closely the other monsters are drawn from their inspirations, I am not convinced.

As far as I know, the remaining monsters never saw their day in the pages of a D&D accessory.

While creating my children’s books, I often find myself in a state of reflection.

I return to the emotions and priorities that I had when I was young so that I can get into the mindset of my protagonist.

About this time last year, I recalled a set of toy dinosaurs and monsters that I had played with so much that their toes and tails broke off.

These poorly molded plastic beasties were purchased at our local Variety store in the early 1970’s.Chances are it won’t just be children who will find wrapped toys under their Christmas tree this week.If you’re a big kid like me, then you accept the fact that you not only still play with toys, but realize that they can be an important part of your well-being.They came bagged under the label “Prehistoric Animals”.Though they were odd – even silly-looking by monster standards – there was something endearing about them.The airstrikes have been unrelenting in a Damascus suburb, where frames of bombed buildings loom over ghostly streets.Hundreds of lives have been lost in less than two weeks of a government siege of the suburb, eastern Ghouta. Many have been crushed by the collapsing walls of homes leveled by missiles.Back in 1993, after I had the opportunity to illustrate many of the classic monsters for the .Perhaps these fellas will claw their way into the imaginations of the next generation of game designers. There are toy collector discussions that share pointers (sometimes these toys are dubbed “Chinasaurs” or “Patchisaurs”).For example, I recently tracked down original versions of beloved board games so that our family could play classics like as they appeared when first released.The vintage colors and graphics of these games sent my mind a whirl with book design possibilities.


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