Essay On The Speckled Band

Watson is not as clever as Holmes and the contrasts between them emphasise Holmes’ qualities.

The rather humorous response to being woken, saying ‘a fire? (c) As narrator, he gives a mature reasonable account.

He ‘seizes’ the poker and bends it with his ‘huge’ hands.

How Does Arthur Conan Doyle Create Tension And Suspense In The Speckled Band The Speckled Band is just one of the murder mystery stories featuring the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

She unwittingly identifies the reason for her own danger in her forthcoming marriage.

Nowadays he is seen as patronising but the author intended him to be supportive when ‘patting her forearm.’ He demonstrates his powers of deduction and minute attention to detail e.g.

This is because Holmes has realized that Helen’s sister was murdered to stop Roylott losing ‘a certain annual sum’ (168).

(b) He is an affable accommodating character who expresses bemusement and asks the questions we would like to know the answers to e.g. ’ This question directs the reader to puzzle over the conundrum.

The truth is established through questions on the detail of Helen’s account (170 – 172), thus showing his alertness.

He examines ‘with deep attention’ (179) and knows without being told that Helen has been physically abused (173).


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