Essay On The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli

Essay On The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli-63
These pieces of advice would ensure that the prince remained great and powerful.Machiavelli’s work provided practical solutions to Lorenzo in a turbulent political environment.Machiavelli offers two ideal views on principality: these are how to win and hold power.

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However, this raises the issue of how Machiavelli viewed ‘subjects’.

According to Machiavelli, rulers only needed subjects to maintain their power and protect their kingdoms.

Machiavelli did not foresee moral and ethical issues that his work would raise. The work provided practical advice in a politically volatile society.

However, both ruthless rulers and business individuals have used Machiavelli’s concepts (Machiavellian) to justify their actions, which view winning as the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, Lorenzo did not concur with Machiavelli’s suggestions.

Machiavelli looks at how an authoritarian ruler can achieve a great success if he changes his authoritarian style.

Several powerful families established their territories and ruled authoritatively.

provided a practical direction to Lorenzo Di Medici to operate in this unstable political environment.

When a ruler overthrows another one, wars happen and people die.

Thus, Machiavelli showed that killings were appropriate means of gaining power.


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