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Her description agrees with the traits usually related to a Byronic hero.

Her description agrees with the traits usually related to a Byronic hero.Rochester’s tendencies to reject the values and moral codes of society lead him to despise himself as well as his lifestyle. Often the Byronic hero is characterized by a guilty memory of straying sexually in the past.

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“I did wrong…Divine justice pursued it’s course; disasters came thick on me…” Rochester proves to possess self-awareness – a characteristic that is consistent with those of a Byronic hero.Another example of rochester’s capacity for displays of affection is shown when Jane exclaims: “He kissed me repeatedly” (chapter 23).What sets a Rochester apart from the Romantic heroes of his time is the fact that Bronte depicts him as not classically handsome, “with his broad and jetty eyebrows; his square forehead, made squarer by the horizontal sweep of his black hair.He does refer to her as “a French dancer’s bastard – not my own child” and yet he makes sure that Adele receives the finest education and care.This shows his compassion, integrity and exhibits traits of a good father.This adds realism to her characters and makes them seem genuine.Even though Rochester is considered a social outcast of sorts, he is exceptionally charismatic, and people seem drawn to him despite his lesser qualities. Rochester is clearly an unusual love interest for a romantic novel. He is usually well travelled, and has often come into conflict during his journeys.He has an abrupt, selfish and arrogant nature, and is far from handsome. Rochester is stern, rude, and demanding and has a dark and somewhat mysterious personality. Fairfax replies, “He is rather peculiar, perhaps: he has travelled a great deal, and seen a great deal of the world, I should think. This is found to be true for Rochester’s trip to Jamaica and the consequences that came of his meeting Bertha Mason there.Rochester considers Bertha to be merely someone under his care rather than his wife because he has convinced himself that his marriage to Bertha is practically invalid.Rochester’s near bigamy grants us with yet another example of his “Byronic” qualities: his thoughts on morals and ethics are twisted.


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