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These books are as funny as they are sharp, and I hope we’ll start referencing them as often as we do “The Lottery.”If you’re not yet a Jackson fan, check out our Reading Pathway recommendations for where to start.If you are at all familiar with the life of author Shirley Jackson, then you already know that her affinity for the supernatural went far beyond her work.Each story displays the signature humor she lends to all her writing.

Many early critics were disappointed that the author of the disturbing novel had penned “inconsequential” stories of motherhood and managing house.

“It is something of a shock,” one wrote, “to read such ephemeral fluff.” (3)But really, the books are classic Shirley Jackson.

That’s the thrill of Jackson’s work: the monster is in your head, and scarier than words can describe.

So at first glance, Jackson’s family stories appear to be a complete departure from her usual style.

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You know, the stuff that makes you scared to walk down a dark hall.

Some writers employ blood, gore, and monsters to scare the wits out of you. It is often cemented in a real world, but one gone slightly off-kilter.

As usual, Jackson draws you in expecting one thing, spins you around and presents you another.

There are dishes and dirty laundry, but also magic and intrigue.


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