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It is this wider concern to address a vast spectrum of the totality of issues or Possibilities that made Mr.

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If this is held before you, I believe that all other issues between us will play into secondary importance and will become amenable to amicable and satisfactory solutions.” The president also said that the two countries can also immensely benefit it they pooled together their significant achievements in the fields of science to economic development.

In fact, the President mirrored the hopes and aspirations of the entire people of the subcontinent trapped in the quagmire of mistrust, hatred and a no win situation where both the governments are compelled to earmork a sizeable chunk of their budget for weaponry that could have gone for the development of the people for that to live in peace and mutual trust is essential.

That India had a liberal approach to break the thaw must be widely recognized and the magnanimity and the great statesmanship of Mr.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee must be recognized, a fact acknowledged by no less a person than Pervez Musharraf, die architect of the Kargil war Mr.

He totally ignored India’s plea made during his meetings with Mr. The invasion of Kashmir by Pakistani troops in 1947 and the proxy war that began in 1989 that has killed more people than all the four Indo-Pak wars put together to presume that India would hand over Kashmir on a platter to Pakistan just because the majority of the people of Kashmir are Muslims or that India would be browbeaten into submission by the unbridled militant activity, fully supported by Pakistan, is a bitter reality Pakistan must learn to recognize.

Ahead of the Agra Summit, bath the Prime Minister and the foreign minister had made it clear that Kashmir was an integral part of India it was also the unanimous view of the all party meeting held by the Prime Minister that they should get out of the “narrow approached” of the past and tackle the totality of the bilateral relations trade and commerce easier communications and travel between the people of the two countries, the problem of cross border terrorism and the nuclear question.

On the eve of his crucial summit, in an interview with Gulf News.

President Musharraf rejected both the Shimla Agreement and the Lahore declaration between India and Pakistan saying the two accords does not address the main issue of Kashmir.

It was this ethos of the larger good of the people of the subcontinent that prompted India to present a comprehensive agenda at the Summit of Agra.

From the high pinnacle of hope of the previous two days, the talks at the summit took a downhill path on the last day when the blaze of excitement whimpered to a pervading gloom as the fundamental differences over Kashmir and trans-border terrorism led to a total breakdown of the talks.


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