Essay On Poverty Alleviation In Nepal

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He introduced the concept of “deprivation of basic capabilities” in order to supplement “lowness of income” (Sen, 1999).

Thus, poverty has two broad dimensions namely; monetary and non-monetary dimensions of poverty.

However, such decline in incidence of poverty was achieved at the cost of increased inequality.

The gini coefficient increased from 0.24 in the year 1984/85 to 0.41 in 2003/04.

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Fortunately, Nepal has experienced slight economic growth in the past few years.

Here are 10 facts about poverty in Nepal: Nepal is lagging behind even undeveloped world when it comes to poverty. Efforts of volunteers and non-profit organizations have the potential to make a big difference, especially regarding the recent economic upturn.

This is mainly due to unequal distribution of resources such as land, social discrepancy, and lack of access to basic social and economic structures.

Government has been giving the first priority to the reduction of poverty since eighth five year plan (1992).


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