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The federal government established the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in 1836 to be in charge of the relocated Indians.

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It aimed to provide reasonable protection to the Indians—however, their lands were still fair game.

Corruption by BIA leaders and agents further resulted in the destruction of the Indian lifestyle. Sheridan, and George Custer, these “Buffalo Soldiers” advanced confidently and repeatedly against Indian tribes. One such battle was the Sand Creek Massacre, which occurred in Colorado in 1864.

Many agents were paid to look the other way as white men took land and game that rightfully belonged to the Indians. Although some battles against Indians were brutal on both sides, other conflicts were nothing but displays of dominance by U. At that time, Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes inhabited the Sand Creek region after being forcibly relocated there due to the gold rush in 1861.

Present-day Oklahoma became known as “Indian Territory” as additional tribes were relocated to reservations there.

The federal government relocated hundreds of thousands of Indians under the guise of protecting them, when in truth the government’s primary goal was attaining the Indians’ lands.


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