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Many have tried, but no one has succeeded completely.

Moses Maimonides is the English name for Moshe ben Maimon.

He was born in Spain, but spent most of his life in Egypt.

His works ranged from a commentary on the Mishnah to his Code of Law (summarising the whole of Jewish law) and the philosophical work, the Guide for the Perplexed. knew that all were mistaken and that what caused them to err was worship of the images which drove the Truth out of their minds.

In many respects he defined normative Judaism, both in his own Sephardi world and in the rabbinical Ashkenazi academies.

Maimonides is equally cherished as a medical pioneer.It was said that if the moon came to him as a patient, he could cure her of her spots!He wrote with extraordinary foresight about how cleanliness could prevent disease; gave advice on sexual hygiene; and compiled lists of cures for illnesses and fevers. While himself a scholar of the Kabbalah, he warned against its abuse by less-knowledgeable people.Although initially controversial in some Jewish circles (since Maimonides had ‘dared’ to decide which beliefs were essential and which not), his list became well accepted with time and the basis of the much-loved prayer Yigdal which closes Friday night services and is one of the opening prayers of the morning service (there are some variations as to when the prayer Yigdal is done, depending on the particular tradition of the congregation).Maimonides next wrote the Mishneh Torah, an exposition and summary of Jewish law in Hebrew.Indeed, Maimonides argued that Judaism was valid from both a rational and spiritual perspective.Some even call him the forefather of the Jewish Enlightenment (haskala) of the latter 18th and early 19th centuries. He remained a strictly observant Jew to his last day.His fame spread as far as Yemen, from where Jews sought his rulings. He began his Kitab al-Siraj, an Arabic commentary on the Talmud, when he was 23, and finished it ten years later.It contains the bold essay, Thirteen Attributes of Faith – a list of essential Jewish beliefs (something that had not been compiled before).After a long time the great and awful Name was forgotten and the people, men, women and children, only recognized an image of wood or stone and the temple of wood or stone which they had been brought up from infancy to serve by bowing down. Maimonides is a medieval Jewish philosopher with considerable influence on Jewish thought, and on philosophy in general.


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