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Both have great need for a healthy life, but both have different significance in life.

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Therefore, wealth is an object that holds significance throughout life.

Money is needed for everyone, whether it is poor or rich and urban, or rural areas.

We all want to be rich by earning more money through all business, good jobs, good business, etc., so that we can meet the growing needs of modern times.

However, very few people get the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming millionaires.

We require all the resources of food, like - for eating food, drinking water or milk, watching TV, buying a newspaper, wearing clothes, to enter school, to get education Etc., to meet other requirements.

Money is the basic necessity of life, without which no one can imagine the life of a healthy and peaceful life. In modern times, when civilization is growing rapidly and following western culture, at such a time we need more money due to the rising value of things.

In the absence of money, the death of a person is certain and if his life is saved then he has to face many hardships.

Money enables us to buy all the necessary things and helps us throughout our life.

Find various money essays in English language in different words limit (150, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 450 words).

Money is the most basic need of life, without which no one can meet the basic needs of its daily life.


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