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But if I were sitting down for a memorization session and wanted to do a hundred, then I would want to have spent time in preparation for this.

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Now, to set myself up for even greater ease and success, I’m going to focus on words that start with “an” followed by “b.” Not every language lets you do this, but German does. Whatever language you’re working on, there will almost always be some memorization advantage you can exploit if you keep your eyes open for opportunities.

On the top shelf of this bookcase, I’m going to place the word “anbaggern.” It means “to flirt.” To memorize this word, I see Annikin Skywalker flirting with a peacock who is shoving a plastic bag into an urn.

As ever, you don’t want to cross your own path or somehow trap yourself as you move from station to station and word to word As a beginner, help yourself out by picking ten words that proceed in alphabetical order, i.e.

ten words that start with “an,” or share some other similarity.

Imagine, for example, having a bookcase in a room and placing 5-10 words on each shelf. Let’s say that you decide upon having 10 bookcases per room in a 10 room memory palace.

If each bookcase has 10 levels and you store just one word per level, then you have a room with 100 words in it.

I see this image big, bright and colorful in my mind and the action of forcing the bag into the urn is very exaggerated. One shelf down, I place “anbahnen.” This word has a somewhat similar meaning, in that it indicates initiating something.

This move is tricky, because it’s more conceptual than concrete, but the first thing that comes to mind is Annikin Skywalker feverishly “initiating” the launch of a peacock into outer space, its mouth filled with bon-bons.

Again: Aller guten Dinge sind drei, say the Germans (all good things are three), so I’ll give you one more example before I go.

One shelf down, I place “anbetteln.” This means to beg.


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