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ù Profile of Liberation War Museum (LWM) Name : Liberation War Museum (LWM)Place of Museum : Dhaka, Bangladesh Year of Established : March 22, 1996NGO Bureau Registration No : 1007Institutional Member : AAMFounder Member : International Coalition of Sites of Conscience Collection Objects : 14000Galleries : 6 (Six)Telephone : 880-2-955 9091Fax : 880-2-9559092e-mail : [email protected]@gmail.comweb : Mission Statement The museum is dedicated to all freedom loving people and victims of mindless atrocities and destructions committed in the name of religion, ethnicity and sovereignty.The museum encourage reflection upon the suffering and heroism of Bangladesh liberation war and its ideal.

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We view stimulating dialogue on pressing social issues and promoting humanitarian democratic values as primary functions”.

Liberation War Museum (LWM) along with the District Six Museum (South Africa), The Gulag Museum (Russia), Lower East Side Museum (USA), The National Park Service (USA) representing Women’s Right Historic District, the Underground Railroad, and Mazanar National Historic Site (a former Japanese internment camp), Salve House (Senegal), Project of Remember (Argentina), Terezin Memorial (Czech Republic), and the Workhouse (United Kingdom) are the founder members of the coalition.

About Liberation War Museum The Liberation war museum (LWM) was established in 1996 to Honor of Bangladeshi people’s heroic struggle for democracy and national rights through the armed resistance against the Pakistan Army after it had unleashed one of the worst genocides in history upon the people of then Eastern Pakistan in the middle of night 25 March 1971 The nine months long war led to the emergence of independent Bangladesh as a secular democratic state in December 1971.

The museum bring to view the untold stories of courage and determination, victory and defiance, heroics and heartbreaks.

The founding members are ground breaking historic site museums that define their missions in social terms, not just exploring complex historical issues.

They declared “We hold in common the belief that it is the obligation of historic site to assist the public in drawing connections between interpreted at our site and the contemporary implications.

Independence for Bangladesh was gained through a nine-month civil war against the Pakistani Army, which resulted in the loss of about 3 million lives.[2] The Mukti Bahini (Bengali "freedom fighters"), with military support from India, defeated the Pakistani Army on 16 December in the same year, which is celebrated as Victory Day.

Bangladesh and Pakistan The creation of Pakistan contained the germs of discord between "West Pakistanis" and Bangalis.

Due to space constrains many objects can not be exhibited and the local and international dimensions of liberation war can not be fully displayed.

The government in 2008 allotted a 2.5 bigha land in agargaon to the museum trust.


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