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So Gokhale suggested an equitable distribution of tax revenue between the centre and provincial governments and local bodies.

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Gokhale pointed out that in England and other countries, public expenditure was controlled by tax payers.

But in India, there was no popular control over the public expenditure. As far as the apportionment of charges between the United Kingdom and India was concerned, Gokhale suggested that the India office charges should be shared on basis, the army charges should be paid by the crown, the public debt of India should be charged to the crown and the crown should pay a reasonable share of the cost of maintaining the British army stationed in India.

(2) Military expenditure should be cut down and the size of the army should be maintained to the extent of Indian requirements.

(3) More number of Indians should be employed in public services.

He suggested the creation of a council of members in the provinces to assist the Governors.

He held that the provincial legislation should discuss important matters relating to finance and the budgets. He thought that a succession of surplus budgets would made the government indulge in extravagant expenditure. He believed that a surplus budget would demoralize even the most conscientious government for resorting to wasteful expenditure.In 1896, the British Government decided to increase the duty on salt to meet the deficit of 1.5 million pounds which arose as a result of the annexation of Burma.Gokhale opposed this as it would place a heavy burden on the poor.The following points highlight the top six economic ideas of Gopal Krishna Gokhale. As the railways were a commercial undertaking, it should meet its debt commitments from its own income and not from the proceeds of taxation. He thought it would be, “Specially true of countries like India where public revenues are administered under no sense of responsibility, such as exists in the West, to the governed.” Gokhale was against using the budget surpluses for repaying the debt incurred for the construction of Railways.Opium, salt, customs, post and telegraphs might be given to the Imperial government.The quinquennial revenue settlement might be given to the local bodies.Gokhale was highly critical of large increase in public expenditure.He pointed out that India’s monetary resources were mis-spent in extending northern and north eastern frontiers and in using troops for imperial purposes.


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