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If I read a novel or saw a movie that started with a scene like this, say by Arthur Schnitzler or David Lynch, I would be hooked.

If I read a novel or saw a movie that started with a scene like this, say by Arthur Schnitzler or David Lynch, I would be hooked.The mix of strangeness and normality would be irresistible, the mysterious atmosphere beautiful and compelling. Will she pretend she knows them, remembers the house, and understands the situation—will she play herself, as it were—until something comes along that she can place, something she can use as a thread to find her way back to explicable reality?Resigning yourself to whatever fate throws at you means you’ve given up on life.

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If it had—if the woman across the table said, Yesterday something strange happened, I was standing on a staircase in a silvery dress in a house I had never been in before, and I didn’t know where I was or how I had gotten there, but everyone clearly knew me, there were lots of people all dressed up, staring at me . Yet the first premise of the dream—that it didn’t really happen—is also the first premise of a novel, a movie.

The opening sentence of a novel sets up a pact with the reader: it says that what is about to be described didn’t happen in reality but starting now we will act as if it had. The author’s job—no matter what genre he or she is writing in, whether realistic epistolary novel or science fiction—is to make it credible, make the “as if” as invisible as possible.

Or perhaps the Tralfamadorians, an alien race in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, are correct when they say that all of time exists at once.

No matter how many theories we invent, there is no way that we can ever know the truth for sure.

With a world full of worries and fear, it’s no surprise that the future captivates people.

Some have become convinced that the future is already determined, and nothing we do will change its outcome.

All we can see are possibilities, and from our perspective, it’s our job to choose which becomes true.

In our own minds, we have complete free will, up until the point when we start believing in fate and surrendering responsibility to the forces of time or destiny. It would seem that everything in the universe would then be determined by evolution according to the laws of science, so it is difficult to see how we can be masters of our fate,”.

Maybe it’s even already happened or you were fated to do it all along.

My old neighbors had a yard with an electric fence to contain their dog.


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