Essay On Environment Conservation

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If humanity causes the extinction of one species, it is really the extinction of many species and the decline of our life-support system for us and future generations.

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Due to the housing problem, the life of big cities became more complex.

Conserving Environment If environmental education is given to future citizens in the present day schools by formal and informal methods, humanity can get rid of this danger.

Rivers are to be protected from dirty water and filth. They should be fitted with silencers to reduce noise.

Drinking water should be drawn from greater depth and put in clean and well covered pots.

Special cleanliness drives should be undertaken at regular intervals in the cities.

Milk dairies are to be established at the outskirt of the city.

There is needed to take steps to prevent the spread of various diseases.

In this, family planning should form an integral part of the whole scheme.

Thus, environment includes everything around the organisms, i.e., non-living and living things.

Non-living environment consists of air, water and land, while the living environment is built up of other organisms.


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