Essay On Conservation Of Tigers

Synchronise an international clampdown on the clandestine, but booming, trade in tiger skins and organs, the latter prized — particularly in China — for their supposedly aphrodisiacal qualities. But if the Indian tiger is to be preserved outside of zoos, perhaps its best hope of survival would lie in being exported to a more economically advanced and environmentally conscious country where it can breed in the wild with minimal fear of poaching or diminution of its habitat through human encroachment.The truth is that we have only too tragically proved that we don’t deserve the striped splendour of the tiger, any more than we do our man-made heritage of monuments and ancient artworks, many if not most of which are in a disgraceful state of malign neglect or have been spirited out of the country by smugglers, often aided and abetted by officials whose function it is precisely to prevent such theft. The Gir lion, once the pride of Gujarat, has become a cruel travesty of its former glory.

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We seem to be unable, or unwilling, or both, to save our forests.

How do we then dare to presume that we can, or even want to, save the tiger?

If most people knew of the tiger’s plight, I’m sure the world would rally together to save these magnificent creatures. WWF has listed 10 ways to help nature lovers do that, from adding a tiger mask and paw prints to your Facebook profile via WWF’s clever application (with a link to WWF’s Save the Tiger campaign) to sending beautiful tiger-themed holiday cards.

If you’d like a personal encounter with tigers in their natural habitat, check out NHA’s Wild India trip.

There are no more tigers left in the Panna reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

No one knows how many tigers were killed in the cyclone that struck the Sunderbans earlier this year.

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