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The main question Scott poses, is how could we call some brain dead drug addict who spends ninety percent of the time without human consciousness a human, and decide that a replicant is not.

The only way you can tell replicants apart from humans is the Kemp -Voigt test, this is a process of multiple questions which determines replicants by their lack of feelings and emotions to events, comparing it to the ideal feelings which humans should feel.

Science Fiction films with futuristic concepts provide the base for the story, but do not dominate the more universal themes like what is humanity?

What s the difference between humans and replicants? A replicant is controversially a robot, which thinks, moves and to a degree feels like a human.

, the future is not made from shiny new parts, but cobbled together from the rusting hulls of infinite former presents.

And so, fittingly, in 2017, the future that seems to us the most true, the most representative of our collective mood, seems to be the one we find in the world of , must be the worlds we secretly believe we inhabit.

Furthermore, "The classic film noirs often tell stories about people who are trapped, creating a mood of inevitable doom," and doom is the mood that is predominant throughout .

The earth is a shell of its former self, with almost everyone who could leave, already gone; those who remain, like Deckard, don't do so by choice, and the Replicants, with their predetermined "lifespans," are doomed creatures.

After seeing Blade Runner viewers can conclude that the future looks grim.

Scenes of the city streets being more crowded than anyone can imagine, noisy, and populated with Japanese, suggest that the Japanese have taken over the world.


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