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More than 400 of the dead were first responders, including New York City firefighters, police officers, and EMTs.It was one of the most-covered media events of all time, and after a decade, the images are still difficult to view.Mosques were attacked as well as other religious buildings, including a Hindu temple in St.

Some travel insurance companies, such as CSA Travel Protection, now provide coverage for terrorist attacks committed in the United States.

Before 9/11, travel insurance only covered terrorist attacks overseas.

The most obvious changes Americans have faced after September 11 have been at the airport.

Travelers must check in at least two hours before their flight takes off.

The fall 2010 battle over what has been referred to as the "Ground Zero mosque" was a sign that opinions haven't changed and emotions haven't cooled much in the last ten years.

In reality, the Ground Zero mosque, officially named Park51, is neither a mosque nor is it located at Ground Zero.

The alleged bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, told officials later that he was directed by Al Qaeda.

On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid boarded a flight from Paris to Miami wearing shoes packed with explosives.

Over the decade, airport security has tried different types of searches and screenings, introducing new equipment. Ten years later, the lines move a little faster, mostly because travelers have become accustomed to the post-9/11 restrictions. Thousands of federal air marshals are assigned to flights to guard against terrorist acts.

We've become so familiar with the new procedures that seeing a pre-2001 movie where someone waits for a loved one at an airport gate seems dated, even strange. The No Fly List existed before 9/11, but the list has grown substantially since the attacks.


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