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After two terms, he transferred to the Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague where he first attended lectures in film direction and script writing.

In 1950, his studies were briefly interrupted by political interferences.

Between 19 he undertook the revision of the French translations of his earlier works.

As a result, all of his books exist in French with the authority of the original.

Kundera was quick to criticize the Soviet invasion in 1968.

This led to his blacklisting in Czechoslovakia and his works being banned there.Kundera's best-known work is The Unbearable Lightness of Being.Prior to the Velvet Revolution of 1989 the socialist régime in Czechoslovakia banned his books.This brief period of reformist activities was crushed by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968.Kundera remained committed to reforming Czechoslovak communism, and argued vehemently in print with fellow Czech writer Václav Havel, saying, essentially, that everyone should remain calm and that "nobody is being locked up for his opinions yet," and "the significance of the Prague Autumn may ultimately be greater than that of the Prague Spring." Finally, however, Kundera relinquished his reformist dreams and moved to France in 1975.His books have been translated into many languages.In his first novel, The Joke (1967), he gave a satirical account of the nature of totalitarianism in the Communist era.Kundera is a cousin of Czech writer and translator Ludvík Kundera.He belonged to the generation of young Czechs who had had little or no experience of the pre-war democratic Czechoslovak Republic.An unusual mixture of novel, short story collection and author's musings, the book set the tone for his works in exile.Critics have noted the irony that the country that Kundera seemed to be writing about when he talked about Czechoslovakia in the book, "is, thanks to the latest political redefinitions, no longer precisely there" which is the "kind of disappearance and reappearance" Kundera explores in the book.


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