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With the invention of bullet trains, people are being transported to their areas of occupation at great speeds.Researchers have also made huge strides in their search for life away from earth.

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“Feenberg (2002) analyses technology in terms of managerial autonomy to assert control over and through technological choices, implying the necessity of increased democratisation of technological relations in the workplace in achieving a more participatory and democratic society.

I argue that the recent history of the relationship between organised labour and digital technologies has seen a retreat from earlier attempts to assert control over technology, most notably through the Scandinavian traditions of participatory design, to an increasingly tactical and defensive view of these technologies as tools in labour organising and campaigning.

With the many improvements in technology, everyone is rushing to have a taste of the efficiency and speed it promises.

In conclusion, the world is introduced to new and mind-blowing ideas every day.

Employers employ less people and employees do a lot less for more money. Currently, people are able to perform certain things with ease and faster than ever before.

Daily business transactions are currently, done faster than ever before.Moveable type is widely seen as important in the Protestant Christian reformation in Europe [Eisenstein, 2005] .Similarly, the unstamped press, pamphlets and ballads were important in the emergence of an English working class movement in the early 19th century [Thompson, 1963].This reflects the decreasing power of organised labour in the industrialised West and global North, at least.Simultaneously, the workplace is no longer the only, or even primary, place in which the majority encounter sophisticated digital technologies.Initially, efficiency was measured by how much work a person, or a group of people can do in a specific amount of time.However, the advent of technology and the improvement of the manual systems to automatic meant that more could be achieved with less people.With technological improvements getting churned out every day, people have managed to do a lot more work with a lot less effort.Companies have also been able to reduce the cost of working which means that profits have increased significantly over the years.More recently, for much of the digital period there has been a strong current of thought that has associated the emergence of computing with democratic ideas in the workplace as well as, more widely, community, civil society and public service settings.This can be seen in the workplace origins of participatory design, and in fields such as community informatics (CI), and information technology for development (IT4D).


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