Essay Autobiography Of A Pair Of Shoes

The design of shoes has varied enormously through time and from culture to culture, with appearance originally being tied to function.Additionally, fashion has often dictated many design elements, such as whether shoes have very high heels or flat ones.

Though the human foot is adapted to varied terrain and climate conditions, it is still vulnerable to environmental hazards such as sharp rocks and temperature extremes, which shoes protect against.I was taken out from the shelf and handed over to the packer to pack me. Secondly, what gave me great pleasure and a boost to my moral was that, I now came to know that, I lay in the shop for so long not because I was not liked but that, I was too expensive for many to afford.This thought led me to believe that, I must be better than the others of my clan and believe me I was on top of the world with this thought.Spectacles – Yes, I am a pair of spectacles and that also a beautiful one indeed, an expensive one and one belonging to a unique person.Spectacles are an item of utility which people wear when their eyes become weak.Walking home, you find a shoe on the side of the road. You can use all of these questions or just one to explore what happened.I pray to God that this wonderful life continues and I also pray for the well being of my young owner.All that I can say now in this happy sojourn of life is that, may God bless my mistress with the entire world’s success, and all happiness to her loving family.High fashion shoes made by famous designers may be made of expensive materials, use complex construction and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a pair.Some shoes are designed for specific purposes, such as boots designed specifically for mountaineering or skiing.


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