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Some have argued that such events could be stopped if stronger gun control laws are passed by Congress; while others have instead argued that the only way for Americans to protect themselves against gun violence would be to oppose gun regulation and ensure that almost anyone who wants a gun will be accessing one.

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The NRA also tends to rely on a kind of slippery slope mode of argumentation, according to which even some incursion on gun rights by the federal government would eventually result in the total erosion of the right to bear arms in general. in Graham) has put the matter:"They're scared that this is the first step...

When you say universal background check, the first thing that comes to the mind of a gun owner is that means registration, and registration means confiscation.

It will now thus be appropriate to turn attention to the NRA itself and the argument regarding guns that the organization has consistently made over time. The NRA is the strongest advocate of gun rights (and against gun control) within the United States; and the recent string of mass shootings has done nothing to deter the organization from its mission.

As Mc Greal has pointed out:"Attack as a means of defense has worked well for the organization.

This logic suggests that's why America needs stricter gun control laws and it would decrease gun violence.

The NRA, however, has a diametrically opposed perspective on this matter and has consistently countered every proposition that Obama has made in this regard.

The government as such will always be allowed to hold arms and violent force at its disposal; and in this context, it could be considered problematic that the people could potentially be deprived of that same right.

When one speaks of gun control, one does not speak of universal disarmament; rather, one is suggesting that the common people should have restrictions placed on their rights to bear arms, while the government itself would be subject to no such restrictions whatsoever.

This is what he has suggested, in his own words:"We need the vast majority of responsible gun owners who grieve with us after every mass shooting, who support common-sense gun safety and feel that their views are not being properly represented, to stand with us and demand that leaders heed the voices of the people they are supposed to represent" (paragraph 6). "Guns Are Our Shared Responsibility." New York Times.

According to Obama, then, the recent string of mass murders within the nation is directly attributable to the lack of responsible gun control laws within the nation, and the reluctance of Congress to pass such laws.


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